Upcoming Version

Sharing insights on the product roadmap and what is coming in OroCommerce.

Reports & Dashboards

  • Improvements to the reporting engine
  • User-configurable reports
  • Out-of-the-box eCommerce dashboard widgets

Product Catalog

  • Product variant price management
  • Multi-attribute matrix ordering forms
  • Product editing UI improvements

Order & Inventory Management

  • Default workflows for orders
  • Order management UI improvements
  • Real-time inventory updates

Store Front-end

  • Fully responsive frontend
  • Search integration improvements
  • Faceted navigation filters
  • SEO sitemaps
  • Configurable shopping lists


  • Default workflows for quotes
  • Converting quotes to PDF
  • Quote editing UI improvements

API improvements

  • Customers, orders, products, RFQs, quotes


To see a full list of features available in OroCommerce 1.1.0 please visit our features page.