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    I know how to import customers and customer user (there are templates which you can download)
    But how can I import (about 1.000) “customers”, “addresses”, “contactpersons” etc together
    Where can I import addresses
    and also how can I link them together
    Do I have to import the addresses via mysql database with the right customer id

    is there not a template for the addresses

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    Oro Core


    Unfortunately, now form UI import you can’t import addresses, contactpersons together with customers.

    To provide possibility to import any data from UI you should implement import functionality for required entities. If configuration for entities exists (as in our case), but don’t have necessary opportunities, you should customize import configuration to provide required cases.

    Please, read our documentation to get more info about import/export process.


    I can do it on mysql-database level, but is this safe? (with regard to datavalidation)

    Oro Core

    I would recommend you to use ORM for that.

    If you’ll did it without ORM – any doctrine listeners and other possible logic will not run. So, consistence of data in your application may be broken.

    You can find examples in OroCommerce or OroCRM applications how you can import entities with relations and with custom logic.


    Do you have step-by-step examples how to import customer-data-with-contactperson-and-addresses
    I can do a lof tof things, I installed orocommerce by my self, but I am not a developer, I need some help,

    Can you help me some explaination how to do it

    Oro Core

    Sorry, if there are no functionality for that in UI to have it you should implement it.

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