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    I am trying orocommerce 1.10, ubuntu 16, php 7, mysql

    i managed to create some products attributes (for instance : color as a single select list, with some options as values yellow, red, etc …)

    each time i am asked if i want to make this attribute visible (on search, on list …) i choose “yes”

    i understood i had to update database schema in order to keep on going

    i managed to add this attribute into the default product family list

    it’s ok, i can select a value for this attribute each time i create a product

    but, now, i’d want this select value to be display into the filters over a category’s list of products … how can i di that please ?

    but i still have “sku”, “name” or “price” filters ….
    attributes filter

    i’d like to be able to filter by “color” (i am sure i have differents products with different values for this attribute)

    can you help me please ?

    thank you

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