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    Dear Orocommerce team,

    We have been testing Orocmmerce for a couple of days now.
    As part of the testing process, we deleted the default price list (which had the ID 1).
    Since then, we have created two new lists, with one of them being the new default list.

    However, when we now try to access the url /admin/config/system/commerce/pricing , Orocommerce fails with an error.
    Looking at the logs, the following Exception is thrown:

    Do you know, why Orocommerce tries to find the non-existing list with ID 1?

    Best Regards,

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    Oro Core

    Hello Manuel,

    Thank you for reporting this issue, we will fix it.

    Meanwhile, to get rid of the error:

    • delete the price list configuration in the database:

      DELETE FROM oro_config_value WHERE name = 'default_price_lists';

    • clear cache:
      rm -rf app/cache/dev app/cache/prod

    • (optional) set another price list as default in the system configuration – go to System -> Configuration -> COMMERCE -> Catalog -> Pricing -> Default Price Lists

    Thank you,
    Michael Bessolov



    Hello Michael,

    Thank you very much for the prompt and very helpful reply.
    Very helpful!

    Best Regards,

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