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A quote in OroCommerce is used to negotiate with the customer (e.g. offer better price, more convenient quantities and additional services). A quote may be created in response to a customer request for quote, or as a result of the direct communication with the customer. Once the customer is happy with the offer in the quote and is ready to proceed with their order, they accept the quote.


Quote management and their use in many ways depend on the following:

  • Shipping Configuration:
  • Payment Configuration:
  • Quote Management Process Configuration (Workflows):
    • Ensure that one of the quote management workflows is activated:
      • Quote Management Flow — A simple quote management flow, where a sales person is not bound by any limitations and can handle the sale without supervision.
      • Backoffice Quote flow with Approvals (QBFA)— A flow, where a sales person might have to get approval from the authorized person (e.g. their manager) before sending the quote with updated prices to the buyer.
    • For the QBFA workflow, ensure the prerequisites are met and the system is properly configured for the approval process.

Creating a Quote

You can create a quote based on the customer request for quote, or from scratch, based on the customer interaction outside OroCommerce.

Quote Stages and Transitions

Depending on the active workflow, the quote statuses and management steps differ.

Follow the links below for more information on available steps and transitions.

Editing a Quote

To edit the Quote:

  1. Navigate to Sales > Quotes in the main menu.
  2. Hover over the more actions menu to the right of the item and click to start editing its details.
  3. Update the Quote General Information, Line Items, Shipping Address, or Shipping Information. See Create a Quote section for detailed information on the available options.
  4. Click Save on the top right of the page.

The quote is updated.

Quotes in Use: Examples

The quote management procedure depends on the active quote-related workflow.

Out of the box, OroCommerce supports the following: