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Add a Category (Web Catalog Content)ΒΆ

Category node is a direct link to the product category with the list of products in OroCommerce Store Front.

To add a category node to the menu on the OroCommerce Store Front:

  1. Select the Add Category in the Content Variants list.

    The following section shows:

  2. Select the category from the product catalog tree. To use search, start typing the category name in the box. Use > and v to expand/collapse the tree node.

  3. This step applies only to the content nodes with more than one content variant.

    When your category is not selected as a default variant for the content node, there is a Restrictions section beneath the tree of categories. In this section, you can define the condition when the selected category overrides the default content variant. See Configure Content Visibility section for more information.

  4. Click Save when you are done filling in the web catalog content node or keep adding the content variants.