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Manage Promotions in Orders

There are cases when an order needs to be amended by the manager, for instance when some of the ordered items turned out to be out of stock. If promotions applied to such order, the manager may decide to keep discounts, or recalculate them depending on circumstances. For such cases, it is possible to save order with or without discount recalculation following the change in items quantity.

To demonstrate how this works, we will amend the details of the following placed order:

Order #8
SKU Name Quantity Product Unit Price
2TK59 500-Lumen Portable Suspended Work Lamp 2 item $15.99
6UK81 Hardhat with 300 Lumen LED Light 2 item $47.99
8TF72 Industrial 310 Lumen LED Headlamp 9 item $36.79
8VS71 White Bookshelf, 35 x 77 in. 10 item $151.99

In compliance with the active promotion, customers will have 20% off all orders.

Currently, the subtotal for this order is $2,738.92 with a $547.78 discount.

Let us suppose that there are only 10 white bookshelves in the warehouse, and you have no means of ordering the missing 5 soon. Having communicated this to the customer, you decided to keep the existing discount to compensate for the issue with the order.

To amend the order without discount recalculation, you:

  1. Click Edit in the top right corner of the order page.

  2. In the Line Items section, you change the quantity of bookshelves from 15 to 10.

  3. Click Save without Discounts Recalculation in the top right corner.

  1. In the edited order, you see that the discount is still $547.78, although the subtotal has changed from $2,738.92 to $1,978.97.


Had you saved the order by clicking Save or Save and Close, the discount would be recalculated and equalled $395.79 according to the terms of the promotion.