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Log Call

Calls logging helps to keep a record of the outgoing and incoming calls.

There are two ways to log a call in OroCommerce:

  • Log a call related to a record of an entity.
  • Log a call from the “Calls” grid.

Log Call from the Calls Grid

  1. Go to Activities → Calls.
  2. Click the Log Call button.
  3. The “Log Call” form will appear.

The form has the same fields. By default, no phone number is defined.

View and Manage Calls

  • All the calls can be viewed from the Calls grid.
  • All the calls logged for a record are displayed and can be reached from the Record Activities section on the View page:
  • To see the details, click on the call title or the + to the left of it.

From any of the grids above, you can manage the tasks using the action icons:

  • Delete the call:
  • Edit the logged call:
  • View the logged call details:
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