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Adding an Attachment

You can add an attachment to some system items in OroCommerce (e.g. Orders, Quotes, etc). Attachments may be disabled for some items in system configuration, and every system item may have different attachment limitations (file types, size, and the way an attachment is linked to the context).


You may not be able to view or add attachments if your role or sytem configuration disable those options.

To add an attachment to an item:

  1. Click Add Attachment (it can be nested under More Actions on the top right).

  2. On the Add Attachment page:

    1. Select the file to be attached.
    2. Add a comment, if necessary.
    3. To attach a file on behalf of a different user, select the attachment owner.


    Only the owner is able to manage and view the attachment, unless certain users were assigned roles that give them permissions to manage/view this owner’s attachment.

    1. Click Save.

View and Manage Attachments

Attachments are available in the Additional Information section of the item details:

Available actions:

  • Attach more files.
  • : Delete an existing attachment.
  • : Edit the attachment (upload updated file, change the comment text, and change the owner).
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