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You can add an attachment to a record in OroCRM and OroCommerce.


By default, the list of activities available for each entity is determined by what is most commonly used by businesses. However, if your company’s work process requires it, you can always turn the desirable activity on for almost any entity (except technical ones). If you need particular activities to be enabled for an entity, contact your administrator, or see steps 4 and 5 of the Create an Entity action description


The attachment settings depend on the specific entity settings. See step 5 of the Create and Entity action description.

Add Attachments

Once a record has been created, an attachment can be added from its View page.


The ability to view and upload attachments depends on the permissions defined for the entity.

  1. Go to the record view page.

  2. Click the Add Attachment action button (it can be nested under More Actions on the top right).

  3. In the form emerged:

    • Choose the file to attached.
    • Leave a comment, if necessary.
    • Define the attachment owner.


    Only the owner is able to manage and view the attachment, unless certain users were assigned roles that give them permissions to manage/view this owner’s attachment.

View and Manage Attachments

The attachment is now available from the record View page in the grid in the Attachments section:

From the grid, you can

  • Delete the attachment: click the Delete icon.
  • Get to the edit form of the attachment: click the Edit icon,

You can also add the attachment to emails related to the record.