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Contributing to Translation

OroCommerce supports localization and internationalization for multiple languages and locales. All strings that may be translated are defined in the bundle translation domain files and are exposed via the translation management service CrowdIn to enable the collaborative translation efforts.

To contribute to OroCommerce translation into your native language:

  1. Join the Translation Team.
  2. Submit Your Translations.
  3. Wait for your translation to be approved.
  4. In OroCommerce, in System > Localization > Languages section, ensure that synchronization is enabled for the target language. Contact Oro Translation Team if you Face any Issues (e.g. your translation does not appear in the OroCommerce after it has been approved).

Join the Translation Team

  1. Sign in into your Crowdin account or sign up for a new user account if you don not have one yet:
    1. Open Crowdin in your browser.
    2. Sign in using your github account or social media account (facebook, google+, twitter). Alternatively, create a new Crowdin account: enter your email, user name, password and password confirmation, and click Create account. Follow the link in the confirmation Email to activate you account.
  2. Open OroCommerce project. Note: To offer translations for OroCRM and OroPlatform, please use their dedicated translation projects: OroCRM project and OroPlatform project.
  3. Select the target language for OroCommerce translation and click Join next to the following message: “You must join the translators team to be able to participate in this project”.
  4. Type in the reason for joining the translation team (e.g. as a developer, I’d like to enable Korean translation for OroCommerce and my customization) and click Join.
  5. Your request will be reviewed by the Oro support team. Upon approval, you will get an email from Crowdin with an invitation to start contributing.

Submit Your Translations

  1. To open OroCommerce translation project, click Get Involved in the email from Crowdin that confirms your OroCommerce project team membership. Alternatively, use the OroCommerce project link to open the project.

  2. Select the target language (e.g. Korean).

    Translations are stored in yaml files organized by bundles (e.g. OroAlternativeCheckoutBundle, OroCatalogBundle) and by groups (e.g. messages, tooltips).

  3. Select the yaml file with the translations you would like to contribute to.

  4. Submit your translation. For more information on using Crowdin, please see the Crowdin tutorial.

  5. After you have submitted the translation, it will be queued for proofreading. Other translators can vote for it.

  6. When the translation is approved, it is marked with a green check and moved to the end of the list on the translation page. Approved translations are merged (published) to the OroCommerce translations once a day and become available in OroCommerce on the System > Configuration > Language Settings page.

Update Translation in OroCommerce

  1. Navigate to the System > Localization > Languages in the main menu.
  2. If your target language is not listed, click Add language, select the target language from the list and click Add language in the box to confirm the action. This will trigger the download of the translation files from the Crowdin project into OroCommerce.
  3. If the status for your target language is Disabled, click on a tick icon in the Updates column. This will enable loading the translation updates automatically from the Crowdin project into OroCommerce.

Contact Oro Translation Team if you Face any Issues

In order to report a translation-related issue, please use the contact link in the “Owner” section on the OroCommerce project in the Crowdin.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us from Crowdin if:

  • Your translation has been marked as approved for over one day but has not appeared in OroCommerce
  • Your translation is still not approved after more than seven days of review.
  • You would like to help proofread a target language.
  • You have any other questions and issues related to translations that are not covered in Oro documentation and the Crowdin tutorial.