Compare OroCommerce to Magento 2

Create Your B2B eCommerce Store

OroCommerce is the only true platform purposefully built for B2B eCommerce. All the B2B capabilities required for your business are available out-of-the-box saving you the time and money spent on customizing a B2C platform for B2B needs.

ORO Commerce
ORO Commerce

Execute Your B2B eCommerce Strategy

  • Invest in required system integrations
  • Build your brand through a strong online presence
  • Support all your business processes and achieve operational excellence

All B2B Features Out-of-the-Box

Made for B2B

Magento is a B2C eCommerce platform and thus will require you to invest significant resources to change core functionality into B2B requirements. Decrease the amount of billable hours your development team or agency estimates to get your B2B online store ready to market.

Shorten the time it takes to get
your store online

Since all B2B eCommerce capabilities are available out-of-the-box, custom code changes to core features are no longer necessary. This leads to shorter launch timeframes allowing your business to get a faster return on investment. View All Features

Simplify maintenance and upgrades

Changing the core code of Magento results in creating different versions or forks of Magento that will need to be maintained and updated. Upgrading and maintaining the system will be a lengthy and complex process.

Why You Should Select OroCommerce over Magento 2

The chart below offers a quick comparison between OroCommerce and Magento 2 and showcases which B2B features are provided out of the box.

OroCommerce Enterprise Edition Magento 2 Enterprise Edition
Multiple corporate customer accounts with configurable roles, permissions and workflows Yes No
Quick Order Forms to improve speed of placing large orders Yes No
Customizable Buyer-Seller interaction via store front-end - submit orders, RFPs, and receive proposals Yes No
Flexible price management engine Yes No
Configurable Quote to Order flow Yes No
Ability to create custom catalogs for different customer groups Yes Limited
Support for multiple brands Yes Yes