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The Perfect Match: B2B eCommerce Platform with a CRM

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B2B eCommerce Platform with a CRM

Our B2B eCommerce CRM gives you multi-dimensional flexibility

Oro’s philosophy of flexibility is not limited to building customizable applications in isolation. Our experience in working with countless eCommerce projects has shown us that businesses, especially in the B2B space, often need CRM functionality coupled with an eCommerce platform. This has led us to develop a revolutionary platform focused on CRM and B2B Commerce.

OroCRM and OroCommerce are highly tailored to address the dynamics of the B2B eCommerce space. While both are available as independent products, both applications sit upon a single platform and can be integrated at anytime with each other. Read more

Must-Have B2B eCommerce Functionalities: OroCommerce Configurable Products

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configurable products

OroCommerce is built from the ground up as an application tailored specifically for the needs and demands of B2B eCommerce. It accommodates a vast collection of features for streamlining business processes and workflows that are user-friendly for both the buyer and vendor. With the launch of OroCommerce coming soon, we’re informing our community of the new capabilities implemented in the major product release. Following our post on the enhanced search functionality, in today’s blog we’ll highlight configurable products, one of the most important features that allows business owners to deliver their clients a better B2B eCommerce customer experience. Read more

Must-Have B2B eCommerce Functionalities: Search with OroCommerce

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Must-Have B2B eCommerce Functionalities

One of the researches investigating the current state of eCommerce search features has revealed that only 40% of websites provide faceted search and 70% make users enter the exact keyword only. This is pretty daunting since a well working search function is one of the factors greatly affecting customer experience which in turn is crucial for growing companies looking for a competitive advantage.

Importance of a B2B eCommerce site search engine

Compared to B2C, B2B product catalogs are typically much larger and contain more products and SKUs for online stores. While a variety of products can be good for the business, it creates challenges for customers looking for relevant products if strong searching capabilities are not in place. Customers want to be able to find relevant products quickly. When they are unable to do so, customers will not only have a negative customer experience, but they may purchase from your competitors. All of this makes search a critical component when assessing B2B eCommerce platforms. Read more

Show Me the Feature – Dashboard, Reports and Segmentation

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Dashboard, Reports and Segmentation

It is imperative for managers to analyze their internal processes and track KPIs in order to gain insights into their business performance. Without this, they won’t know the difference between what is or is not working and it will be difficult to identify possible bottlenecks that require optimization.

For businesses selling online, this means choosing an eCommerce platform that provides all the metrics and features required by their organization. However, while online B2C businesses have a number of different platforms to choose from, the same is not true for online B2B businesses. This gap in offering has led us to invest thousands of research and development hours into OroCommerce’s reporting & analytics capabilities so that we could address the complex demands found in B2B eCommerce market. Read more

Price List Management in OroCommerce

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Price list management is one of the most important aspects of any e-Commerce business and even more so for Business to Business (B2B) e-Commerce companies. B2B businesses require extremely high level of flexibility to support the most advanced use cases and scenarios including highly structured approach to account management and versatile and complex sales processes that are often customized to the needs of specific customer groups or individual large accounts. This is why we made OroCommerce one of the most advance price list management software programs available.


A price list is a list of product quantities with their prices in one or more base currencies. Price lists are used to determine prices for catalog products on the store frontend. Read more