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The Only True B2B eCommerce Platform Has Arrived – OroCommerce 1.0 Release Is Now Available

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OroCommerce 1.0 Release

The Oro team is proud to announce the 1.0 release of OroCommerce, the only true B2B eCommerce platform! OroCommerce has been built from the ground up to solve the specific needs of B2B eCommerce and is here to revolutionize commerce.

Disrupting the B2B eCommerce Market

The B2B eCommerce market has exploded – with global sales volumes expected to hit $6.7 trillion USD by 2020.  The eCommerce platform market has been unprepared for this tidal wave with no real applications tailored for the B2B space.

Because B2B customers are vastly different than B2C, our flexible platform looks to address complex use cases such as:

  1. Self-Serve Model – A company or business buyer looks to purchase goods and/or services online, much like buyers would on Amazon Business or
  2. Buyer-Seller Interaction – The interactions between buyer and seller – like placing orders, sharing pricing information, requesting quotes, and submitting proposals – are managed through online digital processes. This allows employees to work on other critical tasks resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.
  3. B2B Marketplace – This can be defined as a web site where goods and services can be bought from a wide range of suppliers. Multiple buyers and sellers request multiple offers and bids across various goods and services.

OroCommerce’s current release addresses self-service and buyer-seller interaction scenarios  with marketplace features already in development. We are excited to revolutionize Commerce with a flexible platform built from the ground up with B2B-specific features.

Built From the Ground Up for B2B

Our platform includes the most comprehensive set of B2B features that come out-of-the-box. Customers can leverage native features such as:

  • Corporate accounts with multiple users, roles and permissions
  • Robust workflow engine supporting B2B eCommerce business processes
  • Multiple shopping lists management
  • Multiple and customizable price lists and personalized catalogues
  • Configurable products in webshops
  • Seamless management of buyer-seller interaction
  • Optimized store front-end for B2B buying experience
  • Seamless integration into OroCRM’s customer relationship management solution
  • And more

Choose the Offering That Best Fits Your Business

OroCommerce 1.0 is immediately available in two versions, Community Edition (CE) for small emerging businesses and Enterprise Edition (EE) for medium to large enterprises. Compared to Community Edition, Enterprise Edition offers superior product support, enhanced performance and scalability, and access to features required by large, growing organizations. Customers can choose to deploy the Enterprise Edition via on-premise or through the OroCloud.

Learn more about the differences between CE and EE by viewing our Editions page and blog post.

Download OroCommerce

Interested in the Enterprise Edition of OroCommerce 1.0? Contact us to speak with an Oro consultant.

If you’re interested in the free community version, click to download OroCommerce 1.0 CE.

Remember that you can always access our free demo with sample data to get a feel of the product.

Must-Have B2B eCommerce Functionalities: Search with OroCommerce

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Must-Have B2B eCommerce Functionalities

One of the researches investigating the current state of eCommerce search features has revealed that only 40% of websites provide faceted search and 70% make users enter the exact keyword only. This is pretty daunting since a well working search function is one of the factors greatly affecting customer experience which in turn is crucial for growing companies looking for a competitive advantage.

Importance of a B2B eCommerce site search engine

Compared to B2C, B2B product catalogs are typically much larger and contain more products and SKUs for online stores. While a variety of products can be good for the business, it creates challenges for customers looking for relevant products if strong searching capabilities are not in place. Customers want to be able to find relevant products quickly. When they are unable to do so, customers will not only have a negative customer experience, but they may purchase from your competitors. All of this makes search a critical component when assessing B2B eCommerce platforms. Read more

Oro MeetUp London 2016 Review – How Was It?

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We are thrilled to announce the success of our very first Oro London MeetUp event. Held on the 20th of October, 2016, at the Dotmailer offices in the center of London, the event included over 100top executives, CEOs, partners, and customers representing a variety of business niches from around the UK and Europe. As their reactions show, everyone had a good time learning about OroCommerce, OroCRM, and how Oro is changing the eCommerce market:

Read more

Oro Announces Expansion in Germany

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Oro Announces Expansion in Germany

We’re excited to announce the opening of our latest office this month in Berlin! Arriving just after the June addition of our Research and Development office in Wroclaw, Poland, our new Berlin expansion will allow us to focus on the dynamic German market. It also demonstrates our investment and on-the-ground commitment to the growing German eCommerce industry. Click here to view the full press release.

We have already established important partnerships with several leading German agencies in order to offer OroCRM and OroCommerce to businesses in Germany. We are also working with VOTUM, an eCommerce solutions company and one of our technology partners, to localize OroCommerce in accordance to local market needs. This includes integrations with key services such as shipping, payments, and German tax regulations.

Additionally, we will also be attending the Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference (DMEXCO) in Cologne, Germany, on September 14th and 15th. As one of the world’s largest marketing and eCommerce conferences. It will be a great opportunity for us to share our revolutionary suite of eCommerce and marketing tools with the wider community.

The German market has always been an integral part of our success, especially since the German eCommerce industry continually demonstrates their commitment to new technologies and their embrace of open-source solutions. We believe that German businesses are a perfect fit for our products, and we couldn’t be more excited to start working alongside them to help improve their customer experience, drive their sales, and grow their business.

Why Oro Implemented a New Developer Contribution Process

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Recently, Oro implemented a new Contributor License Agreement (CLA) which may have frustrated some of our community members. While this might seem like just another unnecessary step that could limit developers, we are publishing this blog to make sure our community clearly understands our thoughts and intentions behind this newly implemented process.


Why we did it?

The Oro Community is very important to us and we value the immense contribution our community members have made. Our product codes and updates will always be available on GitHub for the community to view, comment on, and use. The goal of this new process is not to cause any bottlenecks for contributors, but rather to protect Oro from incidents that might possibly lead to significantly adverse outcomes.

The CLA allows us to mitigate multiple business risks. Although we trust our community immensely and truly believe that no one would intentionally cause harm or damage to Oro projects, we must protect ourselves from cases where the contributor and other entities could potentially file a lawsuit due to the following reasons:

  • We are using their code in a commercial product without asking for permission
  • The contributor might claim IP ownership
  • A 3rd party files a lawsuit again Oro based on the fact that a contributor used their code or parts of their code in his contribution

In such cases, Oro will be held liable and the potential legal litigation could have a considerable adverse impact on our business, and so we truly hope that you will understand the need for this process. Other very notable companies, such as Magento and Google, have implemented similar contributor processes, and thus, we were advised to do the same.


How the process works?

The CLA process is simple and will take only few minutes to complete. Here how it works:

  1. All the project collaborators should have received a notification about the toll from GitHub
  2. A bot will run through our database of collaborators once a developer submits a pull request
  3. If this is the first time the developer is submitting such a request, he will receive a notification prompting him to sign the agreement

The developer will be able to submit a pull request and continue with the contribution process once the agreement is signed

Open-source technology and the vibrant community around it is a huge part of Oro’s DNA. Our only goal is to protect Oro from such cases and preserve the value and contributions that our community brings to our products and company. We strongly believe in open source and invest a lot to make our products available to community. We look forward to your ongoing contributions!

The Oro Team